About me

Hello! I’m Erin, a self-professed crazy dog lady :). I think my first word was ‘dog’ – my second was ‘can I have one?’ They have always been my passion, and now I have a way to share that with others. I live in Maple Ridge, a twenty minute drive away from the dykes in Pitt Meadows. I head out there for off leash dog walks as often as I can.

Maia and Bosco

These are my two dogs. I adopted Bosco (on left) in November 2011 from the Chilliwack Animal Shelter. He was 5. He is an Aussie Shepherd. I adopted Maia (on right) in May 2009 from the North Vancouver Animal Shelter. She was 7 months. She is an Aussie Shepherd X but since she came from a farm in Idaho I have no idea what she is crossed with. Maia is my heart dog.

I am passionate about learning about dogs, from body language to improving my training methods, to most recently attending a seminar on core conditioning and body awareness. I have dabbled in agility, rally, nosework, herding, and tracking.

I am certified in Pet First Aid through Walks ‘n’ Wags.