Donna and Justice

J1As someone with a “troubled” rescue dog, it can be extremely difficult to find someone to look after her when I go out of town. Luckily, Erin is extremely adept at handling her even when she’s at her worst. Justice loves visiting her Auntie Erin so much she starts whining excitedly in the car when we get near. Justice always comes home utterly exhausted from runs on the dykes, and I’m so incredibly thankful to have Erin as a dogsitter, as without her I honestly don’t know what I would do. There’s simply nobody else I would trust with my dog.






Angela and GunnarGunnar

Thanks to Erin and Hounds Abounding I was able to have a fun and relaxing trip knowing that my dog, Gunnar, was in a safe and happy environment.







Hailey, Maya, and Dennis

Bosco, Maia, and MayaMaya is a very complicated dog. She is great with people, but she has a scary intense prey drive with squirrels, cats and some small dogs. She is also very selective about her dog friends and if she doesn’t like a dog, she really doesn’t like them – to the point of blood being drawn. She is also very, very strong and this makes finding someone able to walk her safely really difficult. She has slipped her collar on several occasions, and while 9/10 out of 10 she doesn’t get into trouble, I always worry about that 10th time. I never have to worry about Maya when she is in Erin’s care. Erin’s attention to detail and her natural ability to keep my dog’s attention means that Maya gets to enjoy off leash walks with Hounds Abounding and I don’t worry about her attacking a dog or getting lost in the woods, because Erin comes armed with Maya’s two favorite things – high value incentives and affection. When I first got Maya she could NEVER go off leash because of her issues. Now she enjoys her freedom out on the dykes with Erin and her two dogs.

DennisDennis is a fearful, nervous dog. There are only three people in this world that Dennis is 100% comfortable with and Erin is one of the very few three people. Dennis also has a high prey drive for birds, being a sight hound mix, so Erin’s use of long lines allows my dog the freedom to run like a maniac WITHOUT the risk of him taking off and getting lost chasing after flocks of geese or Herons. Because his recall is not reliable, I am very thankful of Erin using long lines to allow my dog the exercise he needs while keeping him secure and safe. Erin also treats Dennis with the respect he needs – because he is so shy and fearful, she is very calm and in tune with his body language. This is huge for dogs who are nervous, fearful or shy/skittish. Dennis absolutely loves Erin now. Overall, I feel that Hounds Abounding provides the best care for my dogs. I often think they would rather live with Erin than me – both of my dogs have a “spot” at their Auntie’s house and go right to them when they arrive and flop down like they own the place. They come home happy, tired and relaxed like they’ve been home the whole time….so much better than a stressed and exhausted state from a kennel type situation. I would highly recommend Hounds Abounding to anyone! That’s big coming from me, because I work in the Pet Industry and know so many kennels and boarding facilities personally. Hounds Abounding is the only place for us!


Cooper3Emma and Cooper